Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Payment with credit card only!

Main Grandstand
Main Grandstand Weekend
$ 400.00
Batelco Grandstand
Batelco - Oasis Grandstand Weekend
$ 320.00
Batelco - Oasis Grandstand Sat./Sun.
$ 270.00
First Turn Grandstand
First Turn Grandstand Weekend
$ 270.00
University Grandstand
University Grandstand Weekend
$ 160.00
Victory Grandstand
Victory Grandstand Weekend
$ 160.00
Ticket prices exclude 10% handling fee (minimum $ 15) and the shipping cost. You can read about placing an order in the menu 'Help/How to order'.
Video screen Numbered seats Covered seats
Shipping cost (per race):
EU- €17.50/$21
Non EU- €22.50/$28
USA/CAN/MEX- €22.50/$28
Rest of the world- €27.50/$35
Wkd- Weekend
Sun- Sunday
Sat- Saturday
Fri- Friday
Thu- Thursday
Junior- Child